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Dock and Deck Cleaning and Sealing

The wood on your dock will not last forever but with regular maintenance, you can greatly expand the life of the wood.  
Having your dock sealed will only add more years to its
life.  Applying sealer protects the wood from algae, mold, and mildew, which can slowly eat into the wood making more
susceptible to wear from the elements.
When sealing docks and decks Brevard Pressure first cleans the wood removing and dirt, mold, and algae.
After cleaning the wood dock/deck allow the wood to dry for a min of 48hrs before applying the sealer.
The sealer is applied according to the situation. If applying sealer over water requires a water-based sealer. B
Pressure and Roof Cleaning
uses a roller to apply the
sealer to wood docks eliminating over-spray into our waterways.
Brevard Pressure uses an oil based sealer on wood decks over dry land and uses a light pump spraying technique to
apply the sealer.
Clean wood
Grey wood

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Wood Sealer

Other Services for wood

  • Fence, deck and
    dock staining
  • Fence sealing
Reasons to get your wood deck cleaned and sealed.

  • Wood becomes very slippery when wet after
    light algae growth has started.
  • Sealer prevents algae from grabbing onto the