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Protect your investment from oil and iron stains and have great looking pavers at the same time.  Paver sealing also prevents algae from growing back
as quick.  Some rust stains from metal and fertilizers can penetrate deep enough into the paver the stain cannot be removed it is wise to have your
paver stones sealed instead of removing and replacing the paver.  Sealing your pavers will also create a deep, rich look to the paver all of the time.  
You won’t walk out to your car in the morning and see that unsightly look of your paver stones drying unevenly, ant hills, or grass growing between
your pavers.  The paver sealer will prevent the water from soaking in and will just bead up and dry away.  Customer opinions have been the sealer
does not make the surface slippery at all.
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Pressure Cleaning Brevard County
Paver sealing preparation and application process:
Brevard Pressure and Roof Cleaning starts by pressure washing all stains, oils, algae, and dirt from the surface and in between the joints of the paver
stones. If any efflorescence (a cloudy white stain caused by minerals escaping from the paver stones) is present, a light muriatic acid wash solution
removes the discoloration and etches the paver for better adhesion. Note: A 60-90 day waiting period is necessary for newly installed paver stones
allowing the bricks to cure and release all of the minerals that create efflorescence. There is a 24-48 hour wait period in between the cleaning and
sealing due to the dry time of the paver stones. Re-sanding in between the joints of oil and iron stains, resist algae and will bring out the full color of
the brick.

Brevard Pressure & Roof Cleaning uses  
ICT Crystal Coat SB a high quality solvent-based sealer that creates a deep rich look enhancing the true
paver color; although, any paver sealer can be used upon customer request.
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