After Driveway Washing, the front exterior of your home brightens up creating a new home look.
Before Driveway Washing, the front exterior of your house blends in with its surroundings.
Driveway Cleaning
Sometimes the Upgraded Driveway Cleaning service is the only way to go.
Pressure Washing will not remove those orange iron stains caused by your sprinklers well water.
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1/2 off Driveway Cleaning purchase with Roof Cleaning purchase.
Keeping Brevard Beautiful
Complimentary pressure washing included with
the concrete, painted or paver driveway
cleaning service.

    You get extra value for your dollar using
    my company.
  1. Exterior walls attached to your
    front patio area are get the dust
    knocked of them.
  2. Exterior house walls and garage
    door attached to the driveway get
    the dust, algae, and mold washed
    off with this service.
  3. Front sidewalk and front walkways
    are automatically included in
    driveway washing price.
Other Concrete Services

  • Concrete Sealing
  • Crack Repair
  • Concrete Staining
Painted, Paver and Concrete Driveway Cleaning
available in:

Viera, Melbourne, West Melbourne, Suntree,
Rockledge, Palm Bay, Merritt Island, Titusville

The Beaches
Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Indiatlantic,
Melbourne Beach, Cocoa Beach, Florida
Driveway Cleaning Service

Brevard Pressure and Roof Cleaning provides power washing of concrete,
painted, paver, and textured driveways. Keeping this surface clean can
prevent injuries due to slippery algae or just keep your home looking bright
and good looking. Algea an acidic organism destroys the surface it grows on
eating away paint and concrete. Removing this algea before damage occurs
will prolong your dirveway, painted concrete surface areas.
Brevard Pressure is a very experienced pressure cleaning company serving
the mailand area from Palm Bay to Melbourne to Titusville, and beach side
from Melbourne Beach to Satellite Beach to Cocoa Beach.
Brevard Pressure first applies algae treatment to loosen and kill mold, algae,
and mildew on the driveway, walkways and sidewalk. Then, pressure washed
and finally the driveway, walkways and sidewalks are rinsed creating a
beautifully clean appearance to your home or business.
Iron Stain Removal

Brevard Pressure offers iron/rust stain removal at an additional low cost.
Over spray from your sprinkler system onto your driveway, walkways and
sidewalks create an orange discoloration due to the iron minerals
contained in the underground well water system. Brevard Pressure uses
a low pressure chemical spray. To remove this orange stain from and
concrete or painted surface.
Concrete and Paver Sealing

After pressure washing, it is recommended to
have your driveway sealed preventing any oil
stains from setting deep into your concrete or
pavers. Oil stains can be removed if treated
immediately and in the correct manner.  
Although, warm oil can penetrate deep down
into these surfaces making complete removal
almost impossible. Applying sealer also
prevents algae from growing back as quick as
an unsealed surface. Brevard Pressure uses a
crystal clear solvent based sealer to seal paver
and concrete driveways.
Length of driveway x Width of driveway= Driveway area x .10= Driveway cleaning cost
Total surface area x .04= Iron stain removal cost
Brevard Pressure
Example Two car driveway=$60.00
Example Two car driveway=$20.00